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Our process

A new way of thinking about business communications

Navigating the telecom and technology world

We believe in an approach to delivering communications services that is much different than how most businesses operate today. We take a comprehensive approach to building a communications strategy that goes beyond selling the latest technology because it is what is "in." Our approach to communications is built around customized solutions that add value to our clients’ business. Taking a deep look at what the goals are for your business and building a solution around that is our approach. We help our customers discover the best solution based on their needs, not just what the service provider wants to sell. Our customers come first, and we believe that is part of what sets us apart from our competition.

Speaking the language of telecom

The telecommunications world is ever changing and evolving. What is relevant today may be obsolete three years from now. We believe that the right technology partner can make all the difference when it comes to staying up to date with the latest technologies and the best pricing carriers are offering today. With so many technologies available to businesses today it can be confusing to try to understand what makes the most sense for your business. Calling in to each carrier can be daunting and time consuming. We built our business around staying educated on the latest technology and industry trends so you can focus on running your business. We take the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each service provider so you don’t have to do it yourself by trial and error. This takes the guesswork out of sourcing the most reliable and cost-effective service for your business.

A different kind of support

Unfortunately, customer service is not what it used to be. We feel that there is a void in the marketplace when it comes to providing a level of personalized service that is required for a successful telecom partnership. This is another part of what makes us different. Once you choose a direction for your communications strategy we stay with you every step of the way, throughout the life of the service. We act as a single point of contact for all of your communication needs. We oversee the implementation process, navigate through expense management, and hold the provider accountable for all moves, adds, changes, and repairs. Additionally, our clients enjoy the benefits of our service without any consulting fees because we are compensated by the carrier they choose to work with. There is no premium over the rate that you would get by calling the carrier directly and talking to each of their sales reps. So, give us a call and find out what this could mean for your business.


"As a small, downsized non-profit, we were floundering in telecommunications bills for internet and telephone. Our rep at Comsource Communications was not only patient with our staff changes and repeated questions, they saved us 50% a month!"

Barb K. - Arizona Foundation for Women